Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much I have to pay for this services?

A. Its absolutely FREE!

2. How long is my email ID active?

A. Email ID is active for you forever. Your emails are deleted every 3 days.

3. I've waited more than 15 min but no message arrived!

A. Sometimes, there can be some delay due because our servers get swamped with tons of users daily. Just try again after sometime. Also, sometimes some of our domains gets blacklisted because of excessive use, so try creating emails from different domain.

由于我们的服务器每天都会被大量用户淹没,因此有时可能会有一些延迟,请稍后再试。 另外,有时我们的某些域会因为使用过多而被列入黑名单,因此请尝试从其他域创建电子邮件。

4. How many email IDs I can create?

A. There is no limit of number of email Ids you can create.

5. Is it necessary to download a mobile app or a software to use your service?

A. No you do not need any software or app. This is a web-based service that is accessible from everywhere.